Senate Leader To Carry Ball For Rex Inc. Anti-St. Louis Agenda

capitalA powerful state lawmaker has announced he will work on forcing St. Louis City to join St. Louis County and selling off St. Louis Lambert International Airport, two issues associated with Billionaire Rex Sinquefield’s so-called free market solutions agenda.

As reported by St. Louis Public Radio, Missouri Senate Pro Tem Ron Richard yesterday, R-Joplin, is committed to championing paternalistic pro-Rex Inc. legislation.

“We’re going to have to start merging fire districts, police districts, public safety. Merge county and city. Sell Lambert Field, take that $2 billion or $3 billion on infrastructure in the city,” Richard said. “But you got to protect it, because St. Louis will probably figure out a way to spend the money on umbrellas and stuff.”

Richard’s home town, Joplin, is in two counties. He has made no effort to force the two counties to become one. Kansas City is in four counties. No one is advocating consolidation of those counties either.

Richard has also been in the news recently with Pay to Play allegations. 


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